john the baptist_john 3:16 of the bible !

john the baptist is a prophecy return of the same person but there is the true prophet and there is the false prophet and both are preachers and john the baptist is the one that baptize jesus and john the baptist was put in prison and put to death for i think looking at someone elses wife no details stephanie says, donald trump is probably part of my devil wall but he is probably a part of the motley fools too,that causes attacks on people because one happen on me from him and another person i did not really pay attention to the other person but when i pushed on it, it come up to a bad virus on a microsoft attack a attack and virus on my girls generation photo gracious stephanie diane curry and my stage name and stage born name is seohyun and ,more names no details even with super generation and more.


night hair ball

a night hair ball is knots in the hair and hair that you pull out your brush and kindly take out of your hair and when it is placed on the ground in the night hair it creates in to a mass hair ball with a ball inside of it like a rolling ball with little like antennas in the ball that rolls with hair on it and the hair balls creates bigger out side and some is so spiritual WHITE GRACIOUS HAVE A GREAT DAY IN LIFE ON EARTH THANKYOU STEPHANIE DIANE CURRY